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Plastic underground root cellars - Thrifty underground fridges

Underground root cellars made from plastic - at first glance this seems like a weird phenomenon, but it actually brings a lot of advantages to the users. So what is it exactly? Plastic underground cellars come in handy, for instance, when you require extra storage for various crops for your own needs, or even when you need a regular cellar for your business.

Your needs will be pretty easily solved by the ITMS Plast company, which supplies plastic root cellars. Cellars do not involve complicated construction work, and will even save you space.


Underground root cellars made from plastic as a practical alternative

The storage of certain types of foodstuffs or beverages - from potatoes, carrots and apples all the way to wine - for all of these the best storage option is an underground cellar providing perfect storage conditions. Plastic cellars are an interesting and very practical alternative to traditional cellars. One of their unmistakable advantages is the simplicity of keeping a constant temperature and humidity inside, because it is just these two parameters which are a frequent problem with many traditional cellars. Plastic cellars can therefore enable you to create perfect storage conditions whilst significantly lowering the risk of mildew. Stored foodstuffs and other crops therefore last longer and stay fresher.


Plastic cellars work just like a fridge buried underground

So what exactly does this plastic cellar look like? Its body is a big plastic reservoir, not unlike a barrel for instance, placed under the surface of the ground. In a slightly simplified view, it can be likened to a sort of underground plastic fridge from which a neck with a wide entrance emerges. Into this "fridge", in the form of a plastic cellar, one can then comfortably step using stairs.


Plastic underground cellars and their placement

Plastic cellars can be placed directly under the house. In this case, it's perfectly possible to have the entrance to the cellar in one of the rooms - usually from the kitchen. Another frequent location for plastic cellars which we as the manufacturer recommend is a place surrounded by trees because they naturally drain excess water from the soil, which has a welcome effect on the plastic cellar. On the other hand, it is not advisable to place the cellar in a very hot spot with direct sunlight throughout the day.


Benefits of underground plastic cellars

So what are the advantages of plastic underground cellars over traditional cellars? First and foremost, they need very low maintenance and they have a very long lifespan. They also have good water insulating properties, which is why far less water gets into them compared to classic cellars. This results in a very low danger of mildew. And last but not least, the relatively easy installation of the plastic cellar should be mentioned, after which the cellar is almost instantly ready to store your foodstuffs. Another indisputable advantage is the significant space and energy savings which you would otherwise need for keeping your food cold. Moreover the dug-up soil can then be easily utilized for growing more crops, which you can then store in your new cellar.


The body of the plastic cellar is made of a waterproof and durable material

For the manufacture of certified plastic cellars, ITMS Plast uses only state-of-the-art technologies and materials. Regarding the materials, a very important factor is their resistance to water and aggressive substances, not forgetting of course their longevity. An integral part of the manufacturing process of a quality plastic cellar is the experienced personnel which the ITMS Plast company prides itself on having.


The materials for plastic cellars are certified for contact with foodstuffs

All the products in the plastic cellar range comply with the requirements for certification according to accepted standards, which is very important for products of this type. We strongly recommend customers to look for certification of the materials for uses which involve contact with foodstuffs. In plastic cellars made by ITMS Plast company, you can be sure of this certification.