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About our company

About our company

Our specialty is manufacturing patented plastic cellars and their accessories. All of our products are made from materials that are 100% weldable, waterproof, long-lasting and are resistant to aggressive substances. Each product we offer has its own certification according to the relevant standards.

We use the most up-to- date technologies for manufacturing that the marketplace has to offer.

Our qualified and trained personnel are guaranteed as well as the maximum precision and quality with which we manufacture every product that leaves our gates. All of our employees have long-standing experience with manufacturing plastic products, which enables us to do small jobs for private individuals, as well as complex orders for some of the biggest companies in Europe - companies in the fields of health-care, chemical industrial firms, energy, animal husbandry, fisheries and so on. We are willing to go to any lengths for our customer and keep their needs firmly in mind in order to guarantee their full satisfaction. 


“A Company where precision and quality have found their place…“