Frequently Asked Questions



1. What are the financial savings compared to a regular cellar?

If we take a cellar of 3x3m, then the complete construction of a regular cellar costs at least 28 thousand pounds. The overall cost of building a plastic root cellar starts at 14 thousand pounds, and so the savings are 50% compared to a regular cellar.


2. What is the selection of interior panelling?

Your cellar can be panelled with practically anything. The most common panelling we deliver to our clients is wood, but the panelling can be done in brick etc. We also offer a variety of special wallpapers with an imitation of brick, wood or stones. But DIY enthusiasts usually just order a plain cellar and then do the panelling to their own satisfaction.


3. Is there a possibility of having the cellar lid made from something other than plastic?

Sure; we make wooden lids, as well as lids from aluminium compounds.


4. How big an underground storage area can I order?

Usually, we supply these dimensions click here but of course, we also make cellars to order, so if you have a specific wish for your cellar, just write it into our Contact Form.


5. What is the delivery period for your plastic cellar?

To manufacture a plastic cellar takes around 14 days, but that obviously depends on available production capacity. If you're interested in purchasing a plastic cellar, please contact us through our Contact Form, and we'll let you know the earliest possible date of delivery for your cellar.


6. How long does full construction of the plastic cellar take?

You can use your new cellar as soon as the 8th day after the start of excavation works.


7. I would like to use your cellar as a wine-cellar, is that possible?

Of course, our customers choose wood-panelled circular cellars for storing their wine.


8. Is the plastic cellar water-resistant?

Yes, our cellar is 100% water-resistant, so no water can get in at all.


9. Who does the excavation works for the plastic cellar?

The easiest and the cheapest solution is to order the excavations, the laying out of the concrete and the construction for your plastic cellar from some local company in your area. That brings the expenses down to a minimum.


10. Do you do cellar construction work anywhere in Britain?

Yes, we can deliver our cellar to any address in Britain, and we'll outsource to a company in your vicinity for the excavation and fitting of the cellar, so once again the expenses will be minimal.