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Plastic cellars under the garage or an outbuilding


Do you need more internal space for your family house, and stuff just keeps lying around? You don't want your garden to be spoiled by a shed for garden tools? If you need a guarantee of a constant temperature and protection from groundwater, then this is just the thing for you. Order a custom-built plastic cellar from our selection and you'll never need to spend money on insulating other areas.

The plastic cellar was developed by Czech professionals for customers' needs. It's built from plastic (polypropylene) - an example of a practical material which is perfectly suitable for this purpose.


If you're still uncertain about buying a plastic cellar, here are some further reasons:


• The module can be installed anywhere on the lot - under the clear blue sky or as a part of your future home, garage or a farm building ... ;

• It is fully insulated so you don't need to set up costly insulation against groundwater;

• It's simple and maintenance of the smooth plastic walls is easy - no rodents in vegetables and no risk of bad smells or rot.

If you're thinking about buying a custom-built plastic cellar – please contact us at:

You can choose from dozens of possible varieties!