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Custom made plastic cellar, insulated and fitted with ventilation


Purchasing a plastic cellar for a family house or a cottage is almost the only option nowadays for those in need of additional storage space, but thanks to our company it's also a relatively simple option. A plastic cellar now seems a very practical solution for areas with clay soil or areas with groundwater.

The custom-built plastic cellars that can be ordered on our web page are built on the principle of an enclosed jar (or pot) with the minimum amount of joints, and they therefore represent a reliable storage solution for fruit, vegetables, potted vegetables or durable goods. But the uses are far wider. This dry and ventilated area is situated underground, or even under buildings and thanks to its construction, properties and professional installation, is capable of creating the optimal temperature range.

Our company, ITMS PLAST LTD, is the only one on the European market with the intellectual property to manufacture these cellars and provide the services connected to them:

• Manufacture of standard cellars or cellars to individual proportions;

• Technically advanced projects "to order";

• Personal approach to every job order;

• Transport all the way to the site;

• Fast response times and quick delivery of the cellar;

• Strict quality controls at all phases of the manufacturing process;

• Construction and installation work.


On our webpage you can order basic cellar equipment as well as some additional "tweaks". The basic package contains a cellar made to specific dimensions, staircase, ventilation system and lockable lid including opening pistons. With us you have a 100% guarantee of maximum protection from any outside influence for the products stored.

If you have any inquiries, please call us or write a message!

A custom-built cellar can be yours tomorrow!